Educational programme 2016 -2020


1. Centre for Migration Studies /CMS – workshop with students from Cultural Studies, University of Rijeka, Between a Worker and a Human.

Within the large-scale exhibition Between There and There: Anathomy of Temporary Migrations.

Student report from the event:

2. Workshop for primary school students and exhibition guidance of the museum pedagogue, Milica Đilas, 1st of February 2017

Workshop was held within the large-scale exhibition Between There and There: Anathomy of Temporary Migrations.

3. Workshop Stretching for 54+ participants about the plant migration, 25th and 26th of Septmeber 2017. Workshop leader: Mirna Kutleša

Report from the workshop: 

4. Dance performance and workshop entitled Migrations of the Dance Ensemble of the Primary School for Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at ‘Vežica’ Primary School, 26th of January 2018 and 20th of February 2018.

Workshop was held within the large-scale exhibition Black Disguises.

Video of the final performance is available on DVD in the project documentation.

5. Workshop for students Why do we (not) escape?; workshop leader: Daria Morosin, 21.11.2018.

Workshop was held within the large-scale exhibition Escape.

It was conceived as a quest for escape in which we tried to set up and answer some key issues that bind to that concept. Escape is a concept we can look at from several perspectives, which gives us enough space in this quest. For somebody to escape can be a daily departure from social norms, to others it is the necessary crossing of geographical boundaries. To some it may represent the suppression of complex individual identities, the production of internal struggles. Does fear have a specific role in this escape? Why are we leaving, why do we stay here? The final or finished product of the workshop would be a joint text in which we offer our observations and solutions to the questions we opened. The joint text is published in the museum fanzine Beni. The second edition of the fanzine Beni was published within the Risk Change project as a large-scale exhibition Escape publication.


zašto ne bježimo-page-001

Prior to the beginning of the workshop, museum curator Ksenija Orelj held the exhibition guidance for the participants.

studenti bijeg

6. Workshop for children aged 7 to 13, Perfect Town; workshop leader: Tanja Blašković, 24.11.2018.

Workshop was held within the large-scale exhibition Escape.

It was conceived as a research of the perfect place for life through collage technique – using already finished photographs from the newspapers and intervening by drawing on them and stacking them into one joint work.

Joint work will represent the perfect city – a perfect place to live according to the wishes of the workshop participants. The workshop began with a introduction to the large-scale exhibition’s Escape theme by asking how the workshop participants see the place they would like to escape to, i.e. how looked the place they would not want to escape from. Through the conversation and creative work we came up with a response to the question what this place looked like.


7. Workshop Transmutations; workshop leaders: Selma Banich and Nina Gojić, in collaboration with Prostor plus – 14. – 16.12.2018.

At the workshop we explored the symbolic interaction that is created when visiting the exhibition. We are concerned about what kind of relationship, or might be, the audience and artwork that is displayed. With the shift from the artistic object and the author’s intent to viewers and different viewing practices, we experimented with the polysemicity of the messages we receive and send as visitors to an event, in this case the RISK CHANGE exhibition Escape at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.