Within the Open Call for the participation at the exhibition Black Disguises five membered jury: curators from MMSU – Ksenija Orelj, Sabina Salamon, Nataša Šuković, Marina Tkalčić, and Renato Stanković (Cultural studies at the University of Rijeka) chose 9 of the following artists and their art projects:

  1. Roos van Haaften – Splendid Isolation

  2. Carlos Aires – Sweet Dreams are Made of This

  3. Laurent van Lancker – Limbo

  4. Elejan van der Velde – ‘untitled’ (black clock)

  5. Davor Sanvincenti – Borders/Granice

  6. Ana Sladetić – Sudaranje

  7. Cristiano Berti/ Can Sungu – Highlife

  8. Marianna Christofides – Dies Solis

  9. Rafael Puetter (Rafucko) – Rio de Janeiro, illegal city


68 art project proposals were registered to the Open Call. 

Exibition Black Disguises will be held, as a second large-scale exhibition within EU project RISK CHANGE, from December 14th, 2017 until February 22nd, 2018 in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

RISK CHANGE project team and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art would like to thank to all candidates that applied for the Open Call.


The artistic-research project and the exhibition Black Disguises thematises economic migrations as a collective phenomenon, dealing with their causes, incentives, consequences and relationships between migrants and inhabitants on the level of everyday life. The emphasis is on the population as the main object of biopolitics that is constantly under suspicion, surveillance, supervision, which express the migratory processes as the appearance of a state of exception. Led by the ideas of a state of exception, the project focuses upon the theme of excess as the suspension of the legal state and the rule of law. Excess is defined in a broad glossary: by the overstepping of authority, the crossing of a regular border, the violation of a measure or legislation. In doing so, the differences between repression and freedom, militancy and peacefulness, correctness, and corruption and blackmail, become hazy, and the state of exception of everyday practice. With a foothold in social philosophy as well as everyday experience, Black Disguisescombine migratory, working and economic issues, focussing on the field of migration as a place of constantly emerging excess.

The exhibition explores the fictitious and physical potentials of conflicting social situations as a catalyst of change. It is attempting to imagine the space outside all spaces, as a possible solution for the newly-created excessive conditions in the wake of excessive mobility. Amongst the key issues, the following stand out:

  • Migrations – for whom are they excessive and in relation to what?
  • Does the controlling of migration and the limitation of excess assume the grasp for repressive measures, the activation of pure violence?


Photo Copyrights: Carlos Aires, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This, 2016.