Within the Open Call for the participation at the Touring Residency program, as a part of the European project Risk Change, MMSU project team, together with international jury (partner organizations ZINC – Marseille, France; ACAX – Budapest, Hungary, and MSUV – Novi Sad, Serbia), chose

art project of Igor Bošnjak – Imaginary Land on Sand.

Igor Bošnjak’s proposal for Risk Change Touring Residency program is to create, together with migrant communities, some kind of imaginary land or territory, which will consist from animation, projected on landform map created from sand. Idea of the project is generated from long-term ongoing project EUtopia that is still in production. Following the words of the artist:

„In joint communication we will create animation which is their imaginary view on promise land, as geographical map, and later we will project it on relief map created from dust and sand. Sand in this case is symbol or metaphorical meaning for something temporary or transient, which is not stable, or fix. We project dreams or ideas on something that is very fragile and transiency…“.


EUtopia project

From the review of Zorana Djakovic Minitti

In his video EUtopia Igor Bošnjak deals among other things with the relation of the society to its available tools and skills, highlighting the boundaries of its ability to transform its surroundings. This could be definition of technology gleaned from the economy and material reality. Author is obviously critical to it in the video.

We could ask ourselves if this permanent technological specialization based on unity of material and immaterial and created by investment of mental and physical effort in order to produce value, didn’t bring us to this “desperate” impasse? Certainly not but for the fact values that we base on our relation to the global society today, in the year 2016, appear to be at least unsavory.

This is visible from the start of the video. We see the map of the Europe, painted by Bošnjak himself (map – oil on canvas), that is still recognizable although of simplified geographical elements. Stripped down painting becomes real through intense, sensuous, lived through experience for the spectator and the artist. Through it they embark for the world of daily banality, primitivism and other -isms while Europe becomes a metaphor for utopia turned dystopian. It is as if in front of us on some endless stage “reality” movie is just being made. All three temporal states (segmented in three parts of the video – past, present and future) have melted into one and paradoxically our inability to directly access “regular” reality is uncovered since neither the author or spectator are not answered is it possible and how to continue living in the “fenced” Europe or away from it.

Total of 20 proposals for art project was registered to the Open Call.

* * *

Within the program of Touring Residency, selected artist, Igor Bošnjak, will develop his artwork, managed by 3 production managers, during the 3 co-working units, each lasting for 10 days on the following locations:

  • Marseille, France: Oct 30 – Nov 8, 2017

Partner on the location: ZINC / Arts et Cultures Numériques

  • Novi Sad, Serbia: 10 days in April or May, 2018

Partner on the location: MSUV : МСУВ / Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine

  • Budapest, Hungary: 10 days in February or March, 2019

Partner on the location: ACAX /Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange


Partners on locations are co-organizers of residencies that will organize a place for work and help out with the infrastructure support in terms of co-workers, equipment and will facilitate the collaboration with local migrant communities.

EU project RISK CHANGE is co-financed by EU program – Creative Europe. During four years, (July 1st, 2016 – May 31st, 2020). During four years, it is going to work on creating, connecting, comparing, and promoting of European contemporary interdisciplinary arts connected with social studies, applied sciences and migrations, with the goal of building networks and inter-connectedness of migrants and local community. More about the project find here: https://riskchangeproject.wordpress.com/.

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